Healing Services

Soul Healing Reiki Energy Work

Life can have profound psychological and physical effects on  us all. Often we carry  excess unwanted energy of times gone by or that has been thrust upon us by others and our environment. 

Energy gets "stuck" and physical

emotional ailments can occur. With the

universe's help along with Reiki and 

many other techniques, we will help you

get unstuck, release your past, heal

the ouch, heal from the inside out, find

happiness, peace, passion, purpose and 

life direction.


Youth Reiki Healing Service

If we get overwhelmed by life imagine 

being a child. Children are constantly

absorbing their surroundings. Often 

times they cannot communicate or do not 

know what is happening to them and 

negative repercussions ensue. Why not 

try a different approach. Reiki can 

assist them in releasing pent up energy 

while promoting focus, clarity, peace 

and joy. Your help today can shape 

their tomorrow.


Animal Reiki Healing Service

Our pets are just like one of the family, 

but unlike us cannot always convey what

is happening (or not) to them on the

inside. They too can benefit from

Intuitive​ Reiki sessions to help their

family understand their plight and 

learn what they are asking and need. It 

soothes, aids physical and emotional 

healing, promotes happiness, peace, 

well being and calm on profound 


And...they LOVE it!!



 Reiki  Only Service 

(Full Soul Healing Sessions

Via Zoom/Skype = $100)

They say the power of prayer can be 

miraculous- just imagine what the power 

of energy can do! Know of someone who 

can benefit from a Reiki session but

aren't spiritually in that place, are 

ill, too far away or just need some

help? Why not get them a distance 

Reiki session. They may not know it 

happened but they WILL feel its effects. A full soul healing session includes on screen healing/intuitive session.


Ministry Service

Whether welcoming, joining, or saying 

goodbye to souls from the beginning of

life to the end. We offer spiritually 

intuitive and ministry services as well as end/beginning of life Reiki.

Please  feel free to email us.

Other Services

Skype/Zoom Soul Reading 

We don't want the fact that you may live some distance away or have the inability 

to get to us stop you from obtaining 

guidance. We also offer Skype readings 

for your convenience. Don't worry it is

the soul's energy we work with. You can

be assured your messages will still

come through as they are meant to. 

Email readings also available.


Group Readings

Wanna have a reason to 

get the guys-

girls together? Wanna have some fun? 

Looking for answers, 

guidance and 

direction? Have an intuitive reading 

party! Everyone who attends will 

receive a reading and thank you gift. 

Prices are based on number of



Ongoing  Guidance 

Spiritual Counseling/Text help

You've received your healing or reading 

now what. Still can't get out of your 

own way? Can't stop your mind to hear 

your guidance? We all get caught up 

now and then in our human experiences 

and need help. Ongoing spiritual 

guidance is just an email, text or visit 


Are you just beginning and know there 

has to be more than THIS? In depth 

spiritual counseling is available to help 

you not only begin your journey but find 

your truth, discover your bliss and live the life you were meant to.

$65 per hour/

texting $40 per


House Reading/Clearing/Blessing

New home? Old energy? Sometimes 

simply "cleaning" isn't always 

enough and the home itself can use a 

boost of energetic life and yes even a "reading". Houses-retain energetic memory.  Moments may 

long since pass but houses, like us, retain 

energy and can feel stale or heavy over 

time. An intuitive house saging/blessing/reading can help 

make coming home a joy to do! 


Mini Reiki Session (30 mins)

Quick Charge Tuneup Reiki

 (15 mins)



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