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Welcome To Your Inner Spark

When our body needs help, we seek medical attention. When our mind needs help, we seek therapy. But what about our soul and the effect our life has on it? Soul healing goes beyond that of just the physical realm and is the driving force behind all we have, are, do and become. Yet...it is most often the last thing we think of or disregarded completely until we've either hit bottom or become desperate. However, it doesn't have to be this way. We can help you heal you from within your soul and sparkle once again from the inside-out so that you can become your absolute best version of you.


Some of Our Featured Services

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Reiki Soul Healing

Life has profound psychological and physical effects on us all.

Over the course of our lives the ability to assimilate or negate energy becomes far more trying and often times ineffective and we wind up carrying with us excess unwanted energy of times gone by or that has been thrust upon us by others, our past and our environment.


Gets "stuck" and if it's not removed or released it will physically concretize in your body... somewhere... (it has no other option) and physical/emotional ailments occur. 

We can help remove what no longer serves you, get your energy flowing in the right direction and help you to shine brightly once again. 

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Intuitive Soul Reading

You cannot pour champagne in a mud filled glass. At best you will either have sweet tasting mud or dirty champagne-neither of which is a desired outcome.

YOU....are the glass

LIFE is your champagne.

We can help you obtain the strength to release yourself from your limiting beliefs of the past, gain wisdom, get unstuck, find direction, purpose and self love.

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Now that you are on your path to a happier life. You most likely will have more questions than when you began your journey. and are unsure where to turn. 

Well the good new is you are not meant to travel your path alone. Ongoing spiritual guidance is always available to help you move forward fearlessly and guide your soul to its highest, best and happiest self. 

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What our clients are saying . . 

Saw Theresa few weeks ago for spiritual cleansing and soul healing. I wish I can give her 10 stars, that’s being said! she went above and beyond in helping me find guidance and peace.